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Thank you for your interest.   You are welcome to apply now for our next class. We expect to begin interviewing soon. In the meantime, you will be added to our distribution list so that we can keep you up to date and receive other useful information.

Who's Eligible

LaunchREADING is open to prospective and current small business owners who would benefit from business support. Entrepreneurs with great new business ideas will be welcomed.


  • Must live, work or prove a direct impact locally

  • Desire to establish sustainable business or non-profit service

  • Demonstrate need for financial and business resources

  • Be interviewed by selection committee

  • Complete business training once a week for 10 weeks

  • Be prepared to develop a business plan and budget

  • Willingness to meet and/or communicate regularly with assigned business mentor

  • Ability to access online resources

LaunchREADING Application



Apply to join the LaunchReading program and benefit from an 10 week course, mentors and networking opportunities.


The selection process involves an interview to be scheduled soon. Daytime and evening appointments are available. Will you be available for this interview?
Applicants must attend 10 weeks (once weekly) of a free small business course. If selected, are you able to attend 100% of these classes?
Are you already in business or do you plan to start a business?
If available
If applicable