About LaunchREADING

About Us

LaunchREADING has been supporting Reading-based entrepreneurs since March 2023. We delivered 2 programs in 2023 and our 2024 sessions start from May.

With over 100 applicants, we have been able to support 27 new businesses to date.

LaunchREADING is a community initiative, facilitated and led by Rotary, a community service and global humanitarian organization located in over 200 countries. We strive to develop successful local entrepreneurs by expanding access to comprehensive business training, and financial and business resources.

It is the first of the LaunchMyCity family of programs in the UK, modeled after LaunchDETROIT and LaunchRALEIGH, in the USA.

In the US, 18 Rotary clubs in different Cities have formed partnerships with local organisations and community leaders to deliver training, mentorship and support for over 600 entrepreneurs.

In 2022, the Rotary club of Reading Abbey decided to work with our US partners to deliver a similar programme in the UK. LaunchREADING was born.


Two businessmen meeting in office